Vitamin E – Myra E 400 IU Capsule

For a week I’ve been taking Vitamin E specifically Myra E 400 IU Capsule. I was convinced to take this vitamin because of their commercial. They said taking Myra E will make you bloom in just 10-14 days. I have a dry skin so I am giving myself a chance to try this Vitamin E and hoping it will give a good result. I searched reviews of Myra E online. Many said that taking Myra E gives positive result especially to their skin. Skin becomes soft but noticed their face becomes oily. But some said; Myra E does not suit to them because it has no effect at all. 

Well, I’m just taking Myra E for a week so I have nothing to confess as of this time. But I’m hoping that this vitamin will give positive result to me. Anyway, they said its better to take Vitamin E together with Vitamin C so I guess I should follow it. 

I’ve been working in front of computer for almost two years already. And I have lack of sleep so I really need vitamins that can help me strong. I hope taking Vitamin E and C plus drinking lots of water and eating right foods I can achieve the blooming i desire. 

Anyway, I am really curious about Vitamin E so I researched a little and based on my research Vitamin E refers to a group of fat soluble compounds with strong antioxidant properties. An antioxidant is a substance that reduces oxidative damage, damage caused by oxygen which can harm human tissue, cells and organs. 

Vitamin E added to lotions, creams, and other skin care products, as well as taken orally, plays a role in the anti-aging of skin. It helps skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, free radicals are believed to play an important role in skin aging and therefore the antioxidant activity is quite valuable for this skin problem.

Why is vitamin e important for good health?

There are several vitamin e benefits for your body. Some preliminary studies involving intakes of vitamin e higher than the daily recommended requirement have shown that vitamin e may be useful in treating or possibly preventing:

  • menstrual pain
  • low sperm count
  • inflammation of eye tissues
  • cataracts
  • restless leg syndrome or relief from muscle cramping
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • asthma
  • various diabetes related complications and maybe helpful in treating and preventing diabetes itself
  • cardiovascular disease
  • prostate cancer and breast cancer

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49 Responses to “Vitamin E – Myra E 400 IU Capsule”

  1. this is my vitamins everyday. And it really helped me not to look very stress. hehehe thanks for the visit in Anne’s Sweet Life

  2. Chie says:

    hello sis..visiting here. i was taking myra-E before. as i observed, aside from making you glow, it helps your appetite too.

  3. jhoey tapar says:

    I’m taking Myra e 400 u for almost 3 mos now. I just turned 40 but some says i look like am my 30s

  4. I’m taking myra e for almost 2weeks it’s make me glow

  5. Ana Marquez says:

    I was using Myra E 400 too, for almost 2 weeks right now, then i observed that my skin was like moderately lightened…well, still i dont know if its the vitamins that im taking, or in the soap that im using.just want to share too.

  6. Cars Sobrenilla says:

    I just started using myra 400 iu.. this will be my first day… so i will look forward visiting your blog again so we can both post our feedback regarding this product.

  7. hello mga sis 1st dropping on this blog. nag-research kasi ako regarding myra e 400IU that’s why i am here on this blog. i just want to say that i just bought today the myra e 400IU hoping it will greatest result on me in just 2 weeks based other’s experience kaya….excited tonight to take this one….yuhu…..hehehhee….i will update here mga sis if what effects to me…hehehhee…have a nice weekend….

    ahm….FYI nlng mga sis….pwede bang pagsabayin inumin ang myra400 and stresstabs? please let me know…thank u mga sistah!

  8. cristal says:

    ive just take myra400e, now its my 5days.. for me nman hindi ku pa nkikita yung epekto kaso nga lang yung pimples maraming tumubo sa may noo ku pero d nman ako natakot kasi alam ku nilalabas muna ng myra ang mga dumi bago ka maging blooming…hehe (wag maging atat magpaganda nasa proseso lang kasi yan’)

    GOOD DAY!!!

  9. len herny says:

    good day! napadaan lang sa site.. nag reresearch kasi ako bout sa myra e 400,, if pwede bang mag take ng myra e 400 kahit nag papa breast feed ka?
    nag take na kasi ako nito dati nung hindi pa ako pregy,, okey nman… kahit ndi ko nakikita result..pero sabi ng mga nakakakita blooming daw muka ko!! kaya may plano sana ako mag take ulit nito kaso nga papa breastfeed ako eh!!

  10. joyz says:

    my experience myra-e pag nkalimutan ko uminom or naubos i 4got bumili pag 3 to 5day n nde pdin ako nkatke my pimple n agad aqoh….. pero okay tlga ang myraE 400iu kc mrmi nagsa2bi mukha p din aqoh bata like 23 daw ^_^ pero 28yrs.old n aqoh
    3yrs n aqoh nagmyraE

    • @ joyz: yup….that’s true…i’m taking also myra e 400 for months…same sa experience mo it gaves us look younger….i’m 29 already……if gusto nyu effective for whitening and etc….just try to visit or check my page at or Chans Fashion and Beauty’s gallery…..SOON TO OPEN…..SEE YOU THERE MGA SISIES….THANK YOU..very effective to i tried it personally and i am supper believe sa effect…

  11. ask ko lng kng nkakadagdag ba ito ng fertility at mdali mkabuntis ang myra e 400.

  12. ennaxor says:

    what age are we allowed to take myra e? salamat po

  13. Phau says:

    I was taking it 3 days na.. Napapansin ko lng nagkakapimples ako which is di nmn tlg ako tigyawatin pero ginaganahan akong kumaen! Nacoconcious tuloy ako sa face ko di ako sanay ng may pimples pinagiisipan ko kng ititigil ko nba o sa umpisa lng maglalabasan pimples?! Good day! 🙂

  14. Pau says:

    I took myra 400 e for 1 month. Lumabas yung mga skin allergies ko and lagi ako nangangati. Hindi ko na naubos yung isang box ng myra. Nangyari na din ba sa inyo to? What reason kaya? Ibig sabihin ba hindi ako hiyang sa vitamins na to?

    • rose says:

      i tried taking myra e for ton days..naging radiant tlaga face and body q.but i noticed after not taking it for 3 or 5 days…pimples came out…….epekto b un ng d pgtake ng myra e?

  15. lyn says:

    Hi guys! I am a Natasha dealer and we already have MyraE as one of our new product..I decided to take this vitamin to experience its benefit. I took Myra 400E capsule and I used MyraE vita white at night and MyraE Hand and body lotion everyday. I have seen the result within a month and I am so satisfied! Most of my friend says “pumuti ka!” sobrang napansin ko din yun kaya lang nag stop ako for 2months dahil may nagsabi sakin na hindi ko sya pwedeng isabay sa pills so I stopped taking Myra cap. Some says vit.C is a good combination with MyraE vit!

    Ang masasabi ko lang ay Very effective!Thumbs UP!!!

  16. riz says:

    based sa mga nabasa kong reviews about myra e hindi naman yata suitable ang myra e for oily skin kasi it will make your skin even more oily.

  17. maribel says:

    thank you to myra e its better for me specially to my skin look younger

  18. kim says:

    I took myra400 2years ago for 3months, it really made me look young and blooming.. My face became glowy, and it really looks good even without make up.. Nkakasad lang, d ko tnuloy ang pagtake.. Bt now i started to take myra again, im using it for almost 2months, no effects at all.. D matangal tangal pimples ko.. Lol! Bt still i love taking myra e,hehe

  19. Lilanie Gomonit says:

    this is my first day in using myra E hope it will give a good effect to me 🙂

  20. cristine says:

    nakakawala ba ng pimples ang myra-e??kc gusto ko gumamit kaya lng natatakot ako na baka my side effects sya?? 🙁

  21. kim says:

    is it safe to use cause im actually a boy, is it okay ? no harsh side effect ? somebody help me please ..

  22. wen says:

    i was taking it na for 1 month and 10 days it actually works. tnx MYRA E 🙂

  23. aih says:

    I take myra e for a couple of months and I noticed that I didn’t had my monthly menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea like before until I start taking it. It helps a lot even on my skin I really feel the glow it effects.

  24. janet says:

    my face is very oily,,at marami po pimles ko..unang araw ko lng po gumamit ng myra e i hope maganda ang effect ma lessen pimples ko..

  25. Yisha says:

    Hello gals and guys, myra E is really effective for those with dry skin especially on face area. Because myra E moisturize your dry skin but if you have an oily skin on your face area better use a soap or facial wash cream rather taking myra E. Base on my experience only.

  26. Cleo says:

    I’m 17 years old and Im so confused if I will use the myra 400 e coz Im too young for this capsule.. is it okay?

  27. lilibeth says:

    ive been taking myra e for over 5 years…its really good and makes me glow n even i dont use makeup my cheek become pinkish…im 32 now still using myrae 400 for me,this product really give younger age..

  28. Ayz says:

    14 days na akong nag myra 400 feeling ko wala pang effect sa skin ko tapos nagkaroon pa ako ng pimples , sumtyms yung skin allergies.. but i love taking myra 400 bahala nah coz expext ko yun radiant skin soon… 🙂

  29. ana says:

    i am 17 years old and already taking for 3 weeks na it lighthened my skin .

  30. melanie santos says:

    i’ve been using myra400e for 2 months,,sometimes ngkakapimple ako,,, but my skin become lighter and smooth,,, sabi nila bumata ako,,thanks to myra 400e dumami suitors ko,,,

  31. love says:

    bakit ganon iweek akong ng take ng myra e 400 tapos embis gumanda lalo eh pumangit tuloy ang skin ko . i got alergy at sobrang kati kati……can u xplain y ganinto….

  32. Nylrem Zurc says:

    I just started using Myra E 400 because Im getting married this Friday. I have used Myra 300 before but stopped it because my Dermatologist inform that Im young to take Vitamin E. Im 27 now. Let me see how this would affect me. Im taking it with Multivitamins+Iron (Iberet)

  33. sheryl says:

    I Use Myra 300 4 months now my bf say I look 19 years old but im 23 ..i love taking this vitamin e ..its really work on me

  34. vince says:

    I am currently using Myra-E it is my 5day bakit ganun? Nagkaroon ako ng pimples at lagi ako nangangati.. does it mean hindi ako hiyag sa vitamin na to? or it’s just a temporary side effect?

  35. John Vincent Clado says:

    it’s have a best result, my skin become blooming in just 7 days. thanks Myra E

  36. grace says:

    i think it works for me too. I’ve been taking myra e for a week now and i notice that my skin looks good hence i’ve really got a dry skin then.

  37. noemi says:

    hello.. 3rd day ko palang uminom ng myre e pero parang lumitaw mga allergies ko sa first day palang.. ang dami ng lumitaw sa paa ko na you think na kailangan ko ng tigilan ang pag take ko ng MYRA E.. Please give me a feedback

  38. ana meyume says:

    Effective po ung myra e, un kasi vitamins na gnagamit ko, it makes ur skin more glowing then nagbobloom ka talga lalo na pag nasa araw ka. Then mas makikita mo ung result pagkagising sa umaga then nasilawan ng araw, parang baby ung skin mo talga. Wag po matakot if sa umpisa lumalabas pimples mo me pimples kaman dati o wala, kasi lininis lang niya talga skin mo from inside. Sa mga may allergy naman i think u should stop it, it is not normal having rashes when tking those vitamins. Ask ur doctor what vitamins suited for u for ur lalaki pwedi rin, good luck po!;)

  39. Morrigan says:

    1 1/2 month na ko ngtatake ng myra-e 400 IU and masasabi ko na effective sya. i use it with myra vita white hand and body lotion and olay face lotion for my face and kojie-san as my soap. and i will say maganda epekto nya. maitim ako dati and i admit ang panget ko. dry skin ko. napakarough pa.super payat ko. myra e helps improve my body figure and pumuti ako. and now im a ramp model 🙂

  40. honey says:

    im taking mayra 1 week from now tanong ko lng pwd naba to kahit 16 ka plng? hndi nman ako tinutubuan ng pimples nkaka payat rin ba ang mayra

    answer please

    • Morrigan says:

      I think hindi pa sya pede for 16 yrs old. mejo bata ka pa kasi and beside hindi ka naman nagkakapimples. i wouldn’t say na nakakapayat sya pro nagimprove ang body figure ko nung gumamit aq cguro depende sa katawan

  41. mhadel felipe says:

    hi! mga sis…I using myra e E 400 almost a month..good news!..kc nkikita q na ang positive result nia s skin q ..naging soft and lighten na at sabi ng mga frens ko kutis mayaman n dw aq…hahaha!…I tell them..thankz sa myra e!…I feel young at stress free tlga when u usings this amazing product….
    by the way….try nyo rn ang myra e lotion…I think that combination helps a lot on ur skin….

    thankz myra e…..

    • melanie santos says:

      after using myra e400 for 2 months ,, my skin is so soft and become white,,, thanks myra e ,im look younger even im 46,,,look like 30…lol…use myra the best talaga,,,,,

  42. ako po ay 17 pwende po ba ako uminom ng Myra E Capsule sa edad ko ito? at hindi po ba nakakasama ang Myra E sa edad ko ito. naka take na po ako ng 8days ang naging resulta ay ang paglakas ng daloy ng dugo ko sa tuwing ng reregla ako.. hindi po ba ito nakakasama.

  43. karen says:

    just passing by lng po! since im here let me tell you what ive seen this myra400e. im taking myra for 2 weeks na ata., and guess what pumuti tlga aq yung legs ko at face kitang kita tlga ang rsulta, actually po medyo pale yung skin ko but now nag glo-glow tlga sya fresh ko tingnan, kaso my at first week ngkapimple aq pero nwala nmn po. ito lng kinatatakutan ko parang nag gain aq weight eh.

  44. Meg says:

    Pwd ba ang.myra e sa pregnant woman? Tnx

  45. Sharmaene24 says:

    Im using mayra e for 1 and half months now :)im taking it with vitamin c ascorbic acid dahil mas maganda daw ang epekto sa skin. and i notice na nag gloglow talaga skin ko, and it became so soft and fairer parang pinapakinis nya. sabi nila you must take it for a year para makita mo talaga ang resulta.. so i will take it hanggang masatisfies ako lalo because pinapabata ka talaga ng myra e. 🙂