Listening to the Songs of The Corrs, Westife & Backstreet boys

It is so nice listening to the music of The Corrs again. How I wish they are still performing as a group but haven’t heard from the siblings. So admire Caroline Corr, she was the first woman I saw playing drum. Well if you love to play drum just like her make sure it is tune properly or else you won’t achieve the right sound. Instead of having good sound it might cause disturbance to other people. M F drum bot is a good accessory for your drum. The tuning calculator will help determine the notes and frequencies to achieve perfect sound. Oh well, I hope to see The Corrs, Westlife, Backstreet Boys performing again, just reminiscing here

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Admired a Person who has Talent in Playing Drums

I really admired a person who has talent in playing drums. Most especially if this person is a girl. Watching them playing makes me feel great especially if they hit the drums very fast. As I’m writing this post I remember “The Corrs my favorite artist way back. Sadly, I seldom hear news from them today. So when I’m in the mood to hear music I always played their CD’s. I admired them as a group because it’s seldom to see siblings performing. Well, the siblings are really talented and they played instruments very well. Just look at how Carolyn Corrs plays the drums. I wonder what drums she is playing or if these drums are related to Toontrack.

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