Domain Renewal plus Vans Shoes

Earlier I got email from Godaddy telling me to renew this domain. Well, this wasn’t the first, I got message from them months ago for the same reason. I checked it and this domain is expiring on April 19, only few days to go.  I’m thinking of renewing or not and I will choose to maintain this domain. I just thought that I didn’t renew two blogs already. I don’t want to let go another blog so later I will renew this domain. I hope this laptop will cooperate. aI have been complaining because this laptop is really old and it takes hours before it finally works.

For the past months, this blog receives few paid tasks but still thankful because the money I’m getting from this blog helps me renewing the domain and hosting of this blog.

Before ending this post let me share my daughter’s new Vans shoes all the way from Canada. Thanks to her cousin at the same time godmother for giving this one. The pink color is so girly :). It is leather type and I believe the design will match shorts, skirts, dresses and pants. My daughter has many shoes but small already so receiving new pair is really a blessing. Will share the shoes some other time, laptop causing trouble right now, even renewing this domain is impossible. Anyway, i still have few more days before this domain finally expires.

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Pink Flat Shoes and Sandals

I bought these shoes and sandals for my daughter earlier. She has many shoes but some are small already. This is the reason i don’t buy expensive footwear. I think day by day her feet are getting big, hahah! So, it is not wise to buy expensive one. I only buy shoes if there are on sale like this pink flat shoes. I saw this on sale and it is only Php100. I didn’t think twice and bought it right away. Besides she has no flat shoes already and i don’t have problem with the color. She has many clothes that she can partner with this one.

pink flat shoes photo shoes_zpsqmcxuod7.jpg

I also bought sandals. This one is not on sale but, since the cost is only Php199, i got it. She has no sandals because the last one was already worn out.

sandals for kids photo slippers_zpsvdqbmqmo.jpg

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Shoes Doesn’t Fit

Not so long ago my sister in Paris, France sent package. The family here was very pleased to received clothes, shoes, bags, chocolates and so on. Daughter received these two pairs of shoes unfortunately the shoes doesn’t fit to her already. She has big feet at her age of 5.

Anyhow, daughter was still happy because she’s enjoying her new Barbie doll included in the package. Ooops, I didn’t notice it’s getting late already its almost 2 am at my end. I wish to share photos of other things daughter received in the package but maybe next time. Let me finish with this one wireless electric dog fence, have you heard this thing?

shoes for kids photo shoesforkids_zpsf5e449fa.jpg

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Good shoes take you to good places!

Have you heard about this line “Good shoes take you to good places”? I heard this line in one of my favorite Korean series which is Boys over Flowers and now I heard it once again. I am not tired of watching this series because it’s cute and I even bought DVD though I watched it many times on television. Anyway, because of this famous line I said to myself that I should have at least one pair of shoes that I can wear wherever I am. I have to admit, I only have a few pair of shoes in my closet unlike other women. For other women having huge collection of shoes is a fulfillment and it makes them happy. This is also true to me the thing is I don’t have extra bucks to buy lots of shoes but given a chance I would love to collect shoes.

Anyway, its official summer season already bad we can’t enjoy it because it’s been raining for five successive days. We are planning for an out-of-town vacation because this is the only time that family will be together. We don’t have final plan on where to go but I will be ready in case we will be going anytime soon. I should check these levis shoes they might have a collection of shoes that I can use in our out-of-town vacation.  

So do you have any plans this summer? I think its spring in other part of the world so I guess you have your own plans on how to spend it. Well, whatever the season the most important thing is to spend it well and enjoy the most of it. 

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