Domain Renewal plus Vans Shoes

Earlier I got email from Godaddy telling me to renew this domain. Well, this wasn’t the first, I got message from them months ago for the same reason. I checked it and this domain is expiring on April 19, only few days to go.  I’m thinking of renewing or not and I will choose to maintain this domain. I just thought that I didn’t renew two blogs already. I don’t want to let go another blog so later I will renew this domain. I hope this laptop will cooperate. aI have been complaining because this laptop is really old and it takes hours before it finally works.

For the past months, this blog receives few paid tasks but still thankful because the money I’m getting from this blog helps me renewing the domain and hosting of this blog.

Before ending this post let me share my daughter’s new Vans shoes all the way from Canada. Thanks to her cousin at the same time godmother for giving this one. The pink color is so girly :). It is leather type and I believe the design will match shorts, skirts, dresses and pants. My daughter has many shoes but small already so receiving new pair is really a blessing. Will share the shoes some other time, laptop causing trouble right now, even renewing this domain is impossible. Anyway, i still have few more days before this domain finally expires.

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