Welcome to my newest blog. I remember the time I have only one blog which isWorking at Home. I said that having another blog aside from that one will be difficult for me but I was wrong. Now, I proved that if you are passionate or enjoy what you are doing nobody can stop you. So now here I am again working on another one, this is my fourth already  .

Anyway, in this blog i will share stuff about my  Beauty, Fashion and Shopping experience. I may not be a fashion expert but I will try my very best to share stuff  on what is hot. Also my shopping experience whether its small or big thing and tips on beauty.

Hope you will patronage this blog,without you as my readers and followers this blog will just remain a diary. So again, I’m humbly asking for your support. I owed you a lot for the continuous support you were giving in my other blogs Working at HomeLiving the Beauty of Life and Simple Happiness. Thank you very much.


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  1. carmela says:

    hello ma’am.. I saw your sophia the first bday theme for your daughter.. very nice! 🙂 a close friend of mine will be having the same theme on her daughters bday.. I am helping her because I am one of the ninangs.. I am really really hoping if we can buy the sophia the first amulet… yun nlng po tlga ang kulang..ang that would make my inananak super happy.. 🙂

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