Hair Rebonding

It was last year when I had my very first hair rebonding, month of June to be exact. Then today, my second hair rebonding was done. Actually I planned it last January but for some reasons it wasn’t pursue. But yesterday no one stopped me and got my hair rebonded, hahah. I went to salon after I sent my daughter on her school.

Anyway, the whole procedures just took four hours. My hair is not long and not so frizzy maybe reasons why the whole  procedures just took short time. According to one of the stuffs of salon, whole process of rebonding usually takes up to six hours or more depending on hair type. To make the story short, I was happy with the result of my new hair. It is shiny, smooth and manageable. Hope this will last for months. My previous hair was too dry and uncomfortable already. They said, I need to visit salon at least once a month so my hair will be properly cared. But I doubt if I can do this thing because it involve money. I guess I should care for myself. Little knowledge on how to care of hair is an advantage.

The photo was taken today when I woke up this morning. I don’t comb it yet hahah but still fine. I guess that is rebonding can do. 

Sometimes, I need to pamper myself and besides the money I used came from my earnings through blogging. So it’s really great feeling, now I am enjoying my fruit of labor.

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One Response to “Hair Rebonding”

  1. genny says:

    so this is the hair..pwede na maging model….:)